Edinburgh, 12th and 13th April 2016

A celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science. Held in conjunction with WadlerFest 2016, a celebration of Philip Wadler's 60th birthday.

A Celebration Of Thirty Years.

Founded in 1986 by Rod Burstall, Robin Milner, Gordon Plotkin and Matthew Hennessy, the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science is a community of theoretical computer scientists with interests in research topics such as concurrency, semantics, categories, algebra, types, logic, algorithms, complexity, databases, and modelling, and their applications in Computer Science and beyond.

LFCS30 is a celebration of thirty years of innovation in these areas with contributions from current and former members of the LFCS, as well as contributions from LFCS visitors and friends.

The meeting will take place in the Informatics Forum, a purpose-built building in the centre of Edinburgh which is home to the LFCS and the School of Informatics. Read more about local arrangements.

Robin and Rod at the blackboard


LFCS30 begins with a celebration dinner on Tuesday 12th April at 7pm.

The dinner is held in the Playfair Library Hall, University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL.

LFCS30 continues on 13th April with a programme of talks from LFCS members, alumni, and friends.


Wednesday, 13th April 2016

09:00Gordon Plotkin
09:30Furio Honsell
10:00George Cleland
10:30Coffee break
11:00Robert Harper
11:30John Power
12:00Jane Hillston
14:00Philippa Gardner
14:30Samson Abramsky
15:00Philip Scott
15:30Coffee break
16:00Kousha Etessami
16:30Peter Buneman
17:00Philip Wadler

Community building

LFCS30 provides an opportunity to make links with other researchers in theoretical computer science across the UK and beyond.


Sponsored by SICSA

LFCS30 and WadlerFest 2016 gratefully acknowledge sponsorship from the Modelling and Abstraction theme of the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA).

Organised by LFCS

The local organising committee of LFCS30 consists of Don Sannella, Stephen Gilmore, Sam Lindley and Magdalena Mazurczak.

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