Robin Milner Symposium 15-18th April 2012 |

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Monday 16th April 2012
D Robertson and G Plotkin —
Opening remarks
Gérard Huet —
What I learned from LCF
Lawrence Paulson —
LCF + Logical Frameworks = Isabelle (25 years later)
Georges Gonthier —
Types in mathematical proofs
John Harrison —
Interactive theorem proving in industry
John Power —
Graphical notation schemes: a picture is worth a thousand binary tensor words
David MacQueen —
Higher-order modules revisited
Martin Odersky —
Objects and modules: two sides of the same coin?
Robert Harper —
Defining a programming languge
Panel —
The future of functional programming languges
Tuesday 17th April 2012
Xavier Leroy —
The continuation of functional programming by other means
Benjamin Pierce —
Types à la Milner
Matthew Hennessy —
`Algebraic Laws for Nondeterminism and Concurrency': another look
Kim Larsen —
Quantitative modal transition systems
Joachim Parrow —
The pi-calculus: Origin and recent developments
Davide Sangiorgi —
Some remarks on bisimulation and coinduction
Jan Rutten —
Coalgebraic bisimulation
Peter Sewell —
False concurrency and the foundations of computer science
Wednesday 18th April 2012
Kohei Honda and Nobuko Yoshida —
Understanding communication and concurrency through types
Jean Krivine —
Jobbers, sentient buildings and lions: a short walk into Robin Milner's tower
Panel —
The future of concurrency: Which solutions to which problems?
Gordon Plotkin —
An algebraic view of bigraphs
Samson Abramsky —
Information dynamics
Glynn Winskel —
Robin Milner and mathematics
Gérard Berry —
Reconciling semantics, implementation, and users